Ubon is founded with a pretty simple idea: to make the best gear possible to help people like you get outside and chase your dreams. Therefore a group of gear specialists from our sister brand WantDo, together with some of the leading industry experts, created an extension that specializes in building gear you can trust to take you outside.

Ubon Backpacks

We are committed to creating reliable, affordable backpacks with distinctive details, giving you the freedom to go anywhere- near or far, on roads or trails, on mountains or snowy slopes, wherever your adventure takes you. We use forward-thinking backpack solutions to make the most streamlined and reliable backpacks with functional designs.

Ubon Camping Gear

One of our gear specialists was one of the first to see a new concept in outdoor performance material called ClusterLoft as an alternative to down. He was intrigued, and within a couple weeks had sewn prototype sleeping bags using the new ClusterLoft fabric for field testing. Our team proceeded to compare sleeping bags with traditional down filling and ClusterLoft. They reached the conclusion that ClusterLoft has about 80-85% of warmth to weight ratio compared to traditional down, at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, ClusterLoft has the advantage of having higher rebound quality after wash. They liked what they saw and immediately changed everything in the line to ClusterLoft filling. Ubon is one of the fist companies to use ClusterLoft filling in sleeping bags.

We know what it’s like to find our way between the daily and the dream. We understand it takes exploration, spirit, and drive every day to make your life what you want. Knowing that you’re out there trusting our tents in the harshest weather or dragging our sleeping bags and pads around the globe on your adventures is what keeps our focus and motivation on designing and delivering new and improved product every year.